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Voices in the Wind: Poetry, Nature, Song

  • Lawrence Public Library (map)

Voices in the Wind: Poetry, Nature, Song

Instructor: Carmen Moreno

This workshop will be a ‘Walk and Write’ as we head outside to listen to surrounding ecosystems. We will lend ourselves the sounds and orchestra of motion, considering the wind as the maestro of nature, bringing voice and song to plants, trees, leaves, water, and earth. Wind can often whisper to the ear and whistle its favorite tune. As rhythms ensues, we will look for inspiration in the landscape, and explore the memory of the land - as the planet turns and the voices of ancestral past flow through time.

We will explore the wind as breath and natural phenomena - using spoken word, rhythm, and prose for expression.

Free and open to the public.
Location: Meeting Room B
Bring a notebook/paper and something to write with.

Carmen Moreno is an artist, poet, and performer who applies sensibilities of science to art, creating a visual language that transforms her emotional-intuitive experiences into innovative installations and performances. She explores the phenomenal experiences of mycelium by cultivating human relationship to fungi through art, happening, and identity. Moreno is also developing community-based education and interpretive programming to create and hold space for People of Color communities to collectively deepen their connection to the earth, land, plants, animals, ancestors, and cosmic narratives while preserving their own cultural histories.